Fic Exchange #4
(gen) for the record this is not me <3
Important Dates
April 27 - Sign-ups close
April 30 - Assignments sent
May 21 - Check in #1
June 4 - Check in #2
June 4 through June 11 - Fics posted (no schedule, just post in that period)

Time: 6 weeks
Length: 1,500 words (minimum)
Spoiler policy: Any episode in the first three seasons is fair game. Spoilers for later seasons should be avoided.
Banned pairings: Puck/Rachel, Finn/Rachel, Rachel/Quinn, Brittany/Santana, Puck/Kurt, Blaine/Kurt, Kurt/Karofsky (NEW: Sam/Kurt and Finn/Kurt unbanned)
Questions/concerns: email

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Exchange #3 - Leftover Prompts
So, we're going to try something new. Every unfilled prompt from Round 3 is listed below the cut. They are all up for grabs. Here's how this is going to work:

1. No claiming. Multiple fills are allowed. Fill as many prompts as you wish.

2. There are no time restraints and no minimum word requirements. Comment!fic is allowed.

3. HOWEVER: if your fill is less than 1k words you may only post it or a link to it in the comments of this post. Do not post anything less than 1k words directly to the community.

4. If your fill is 1k words or more feel free to post directly to the community as you would a regular assignment. Make sure to use the appropriate heading.

5. If you did not provide a prompt for the pairing you requested, it was not included in this list. Keep that in mind for future rounds.

6. If you would like to have any of your prompts removed from this list, just say so.


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Fic Exchange #3 - Fic List
(gen) for the record this is not me <3
Fics are also archived by tag. If I've gotten anything wrong, please let me know!

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Happy reading!

fic: light my way back home, for rockinrye
(gen) for the record this is not me <3
Title: Light My Way Back Home
Author: zerodetorres
Characters: Brittany/Quinn
Rating: R
Length: 3,472
Summary: Beth is zero. Quinn is sixteen.

( Light My Way Back Home )

Fic: Study Date, for tenderoni_pyt
[misc] UMBRELLAlellow
Title: Study Date.
Pairing/Characters: Tina, Rachel. Allusions to Tina/Rachel
Rating: PG-13
Summary: It had all started out innocently enough; Rachel bemoaning a C on their latest science exam.
Notes: tenderoni_pyt, thank you so much for your wonderful patience!

If the beginning of all this meant the first time Rachel had slept in her bed it had been going on for two weeks.Collapse )

fic: What's the Answer To..., for race122ve
title: What's the Answer To...
characters: Finn/Brittany
rating: PG
length: ≈3800
summary: Finn and Brittany bond over cheating off each other's tests.

What's the Answer To...

Fic: The wrong way round's the right way up when she calls, for zippadedoodah
Title: The wrong way round's the right way up when she calls
Pairing: Quinn/Brittany
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2000
Summary: For the prompt: With Santana no longer an option, Lord Tubbington sets out to find a new mate for Brittany. Brittany thinks he's sneaking away to buy cigars again and Quinn just wants to know why she keeps finding dead rodents on her doorstep every morning.

Lord Tubbington was by far the smartest kitten in his litterCollapse )

Fic: You And Me Were The Dream I've Been Saving for crayonboxhearts
sam evans
Title: You And Me Were The Dream I've Been Saving
Pairing: Sam/Rachel
Rating: soft R
Length: 11k words
Summary: Sam and Rachel run into each other nearly a decade after high school.

You And Me Were The Dream I've Been Saving

fic: my fear is fading fast for abluegirl
Title: my fear is fading fast
Author: elva_barr
Recipient: abluegirl
Pairings/Characters: Rachel/Kurt, background Rachel/Finn and Kurt/Blaine
Rating: NC-17
Length: ~3,000
Warnings: pegging, come play, oversensitivity, sex between two consenting minors
Spoilers: none

Kurt's so nervous about his own devirginizing, though, that it breaks Rachel's heart and all she wants is for him to be happy. It'll still be his first time (and hers', if he manages to hold up on his end of the deal), just his first time with a little extra preparation. Neither of them will have to go in blindly.

fic: used to be alright (what happened) for smash_leigh
Title: used to be alright (what happened) for smash_leigh
Pairing: Quinn Fabray/Santana Lopez (friendship)
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,914
Spoilers: up to Purple Piano Project
Summary: No matter what, they can never cut the cord completely.   

Santana is exactly the kind of girl her parents warned her aboutCollapse )


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