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nothing to lose for ampersandandink
dapplefur wrote in glee_rare_pairs
Title: nothing to lose
Author: Queen (Dapplefur)
Characters: Noah Puckerman, Sam Evans with brief appearances by Rachel Berry, Matt Rutherford, Brittany Pierce, Finn Hudson and Rory Flannegan.
Pairing: Puck/Sam with mentioned Blaine/Jesse, Quinn/Santana, Mike/Rachel, Matt/Brittany, Kurt/Sebastian, Sugar/Artie, Finn/Rory, Sunshine/Tina and Mercedes/Joe.
Rating: PG-13 to be safe.
Warnings: X-Men AUish.
Genre: AU.
Spoilers: character spoilers for season 3.
Word Count: 1,516
Beta: Stefanie and Amy.
Author’s Note: sorry it's late. work is very busy these past two weeks.
also ampersandandink i hope this is okay.
Summary: AU. Puck is interested in the new, winged boy at Professor Schuester's school for the gifted.
Disclaimer: not mine. If I owned glee things would be a lot different.

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